Best of Lisbon and Sintra Tour

Max. 8 People

7h 30min. Max.

1 (Easy Walking)

Example of a Suggested Tour:

The best of two worlds. This tour gives you a sample of the City. Experience beautiful buildings and avenues and enjoy a city view from our selected spots. A calm atmosphere, with grand plazas lined with sun-drenched cafes. The famous custard tarts are waiting for you right in the "Portuguese discoveries area". 40 minutes away from Lisbon, is Sintra's scenic old town.

On top of the mountain we take you to Palácio da Pena (Number one attraction). This gloriously exaggerated and fanciful creation was built in the 19th-century to satisfy the whim of Queen Maria`s husband. It crowns the highest peak of the Serra de Sintra and its zany profile can be seen from as far away. Exploring this extraordinary building is like being an extra in a period drama, except the film set is real.

The way back to Lisbon, we can let you enjoy the scenic coastal road, it´s up to you!

Other attractions that you may prefer instead of Pena Palace:

  • Moorish Castle  
    3 (Hard Walking)
    Open or Close

    Standing high above the old town across a craggy escarpment, the 8th-century Moorish Castle adds dramatic character to the barren landscape. Its weather-worn ramparts follow the precipitous contours of the Serra and serve as a reminder of how strategically important the stronghold was.

    It was eventually taken from the Moors in 1147 by King Afonso Henriques. A way-signed footpath from the church of Santa Maria in town leads walkers up through the steep and wooded lower slopes to the castle's curtain walls. Here, a number of Moorish grain silos stand near the ruins of a medieval Christian church and cemetery. Within the walls lie an ancient Moorish cistern and the foundations of Muslim dwellings.

    The castle's three squat towers, set between chunky battlements, can be climbed and afford breathtaking views of the town below and the Atlantic coast. One of them, ‘Fernando's Tower’ is named after the Portuguese monarch who restored the walls in the 19th century - a genuine King of the Castle.

  • Quinta da Regaleira  
    2 (Medium Walking)
    Open or Close

    Hollywood ace Johnny Depp filmed part of the supernatural thriller The Ninth Gate within this fantastically landscaped estate.

    The turreted Palácio dos Milhões appeared spooky enough for several exterior nighttime scenes to be shot around the late 19th-century property, and it's the palace's association with the mystical that attracts sightseers to this offbeat Sintra scene-stealer. It's no coincidence that the estate was designed by a theatrical set designer, Luigi Manini, who was commissioned by eccentric millionaire António A. Carvalho Monteiro to create a retreat woven with religious references and symbols of the occult. While the palace itself is more about style than substance, the gardens bristle with intrigue.

    Hidden among lakes and fountains are secret passages and hidden grottoes, and it's great fun following the false leads and dead ends. But when you do eventually stumble upon it, the Initiation Well is as eerie as it gets.

    The floor is reached by tiptoeing down a dank, spiral staircase; a long, echoing tunnel leading back up to the surface is the alternative way to exit the subterranean chamber.

  • National Palace Of Sintra  
    1 (Easy Walking)
    Open or Close

    The oldest surviving palace in Portugal. A pair of odd-looking conical chimneys distinguishes the exterior of the National Palace.

    Their strange form draws the eye towards the center of the old town where this illustrious former royal residence holds court in the 14th century. The building unveils itself over several floors, and the walk-through begins in the majestic Hall of Swans. So named for the painted swans decorating the ceiling. Similarly, further on, the Sala das Pegas (Hall of Magpies) honors this cheeky member of the crow family. See if you can count them all. The highlight of the upper levels is undoubtedly the astonishing Sala dos Brasões. This glittering hall is banded by superb tile work, while the domed ceiling is embellished with the coats of arms of 72 noble Portuguese families.

    And what about those chimneys? They can be admired as part of a tapered roof in the palace kitchens, along with a display of polished copper utensils once used to prepare royal banquets.

  • Monserrate Palace
    2 (Medium Walking)
    Open or Close

    Away from the historic town center are the romantic gardens of Monserrate. This verdant semi-landscaped estate is embroidered with an abundance of sub-tropical foliage and flowering shrubs planted around a valley of emerald green tree fern. The garden's English-style dimensions are deliberate. Wealthy dandy William Beckford, who penned the Gothic novel Vathek, rented the estate in late 17 hundreds and added the water features we see today.

    Later, Sir Francis Cook, imported the strange-sounding trees, added a sweeping lawn, and built the whimsical Moorish-style palace that peers over the green baize grass. Scant in furnishings, the interior does feature fine examples of filigree plaster-work.

This tour is just a suggestion, you can customize it according to your interests and available time.